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We have the ability to repair all types of oriental rugs. Any variety of hand-made or machine made is possible to have repairs. Some various types of repairs are:

-Over-edging (re-weaving the edge of the rug with new wool)

-Fringe repair (replacing worn/missing fringes with new fringe)

-Custom repairs (includes holes, knot separations, etc.)

All repairs are quoted on an individual basis depending on the exact type of repair and amount
of work to be done.

Appraisals can be a very important part of your
oriental rug collection. Appraisals are certified documents which represent the value or replacement cost of your rug. We recommend you obtain an appraisal for all oriental rugs of value. In case of any home type accident, the appraisal should be sufficient records for your insurance adjuster in the event a
claim needs to be made. Also, appraisals are a good source of information regarding the rug you own.
Some people have extremely nice rugs and don’t
even know it. Most of the hand-knotted rugs in the
area are considered assets and should be documented and insured when possible.

General Appraisal Costs: $35 per rug (includes picture of rug, measurements, & professional comments)

*Additional charges may apply for multiple rugs or appraisals performed beyond 25 miles of our retail store locations.

Please contact us so that we may help you with your specific cleaning needs.