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Oriental rugs are a foreign product and not many people are educated regarding the intricacies
of styles, qualities, etc. This fact can lead to a difficult buying process with some dealers,
NOT, with Khoury Oriental Rugs

Process at Khoury Oriental Rugs:

-Rug size is accurately represented

-Quality is openly represented and explained in detail

-Prices are stable with no discounts

-Approval process is clearly defined and flexible for each customer

-Absolutely no haggling involved (This means NO PRESSURE)

-Padding is complimentary with all rug purchases

-Delivery is always complimentary (Free shipping if you live outside of S.C.)

-We will always make the extra trip to ensure your pad is laid correctly
and the rug is positioned properly

-Our goal is total customer satisfaction!

In searching for an oriental rug, there are three primary concerns all buyers should have:

-Dealer Reputation (ask around town, friends, designers, etc.)

-Rug Quality (there are many qualities available and sometimes these are misrepresented to “uneducated” buyers.)

-Sales Gimmicks (Don’t be fooled by flashy sale signs. Most of these simply aren’t true. You will never pay $2,000 for a rug that is worth $10,000)

We want you to enjoy oriental rugs! They are truly works of art on your floor. A beautiful oriental rug can dramatically enhance one’s quality of life.