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-Direct Importer
Khoury Oriental Rugs does not purchase from any middle man source. We are capable of importing
all of our products directly from the country of origin.
We maintain direct buyers in Iran, India, & China. “Direct Importer” status means what? For the customer, this means an efficient buying process which reduces the final retail price.
No middle-man markups!


-Never On Sale
We are never on sale. Unlike most of the oriental rug industry, you will never see a flashy SALE
sign at any of our locations. In our opinion, the majority of these sales are simply not true.
Some retail prices are inflated and sales are offered as a way to attract customers.

Typical Rug Dealer transaction:

Rug Price $10,000
75% Discount ($7,500)  HASSLE
Rug Price $2,500
Extra 10% Discount ($250)  HAGGLE
Final Price $2,250 Plus Tax
PLUS Pad charges, PLUS Delivery charges

Khoury Oriental Rugs Transaction:

Rug Price $2,250  No Hassle, No Haggle
Plus Tax
NO Pad charges, NO Delivery charges

As mentioned above, directly importing allows us to price the rugs fairly. Never being on sale
is our way to make sure you pay the actual value of the rug.

-Complimentary Services
While gas prices remian high, most companies are passing on those additional costs to the
customer. We do not. We offer:

-Free delivery on all rug purchases in the S.C. market

-Free UPS ground shipping on all rugh purchases for customers living outside of S.C.

-Generous “approval” time for you to make your decision without any obligation to buy

-Complimentary high-quality rug padding for all rug purchases

Remember, we want you to relax and enjoy the process!

 -“Feel Comfortable” Approach
First and formemost, we want you to relax during the buying process. We know this may be
difficult. The product is foreign which means you probably don’t know a lot about it, you’ve
experienced high prices and haggling at other dealers, and buying a rug is a big decision. We do not want you to stress over this. Relax and enjoy the process. Rugs are a beautiful work of art on your floors. Enjoy them! We will guide you through the process nice and easy. We want you to
“LOVE” the rug before you buy it.